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Too much forward tilt can cause a cranky low-back

75% of my clients experience occasional low-back tension

General low-back tension is quite common in our chair-loving culture.

What’s the connection between low-back tension and sitting in a chair? View full article »

Pilates Teacher Rule of Thumb: teach the body in front of you. For people performing Pilates, this translates into: choose the exercises that your body needs to create balance, stability, mobility and strength.

When I’m teaching private sessions and small groups, I often ask the members at the start of our session: what feels off today? The #1 complaint mentioned in the populations that I teach: low back crankiness.   View full article »

Pilates Notes

air out

Tons of people come to see me with new mysterious pain patterns brought on by seemingly innocuous activities, like driving a car. Ironically, what often seems like a unique pain pattern that’s specific to one person, is really quite common across all the people on the road. If you’ve noticed that your body complains whenever your drive-time increases — helloooo, east coast snow storms — you may be experiencing a body mechanics mishap. Here are the Top 3 Things to Stop Doing,  to avoid driving-induced pain. View full article »

Pilates Notes

Pilates bed

Notice how not one person in this photo is slumping or leaning? Wunderbar!

Did your Mom ever bug you sit up straight? Even with 6 kids, my Mom sure did. No schlumping at the table! So when I saw the Downton Abbey special “The Manners of Downton Abbey,” I was quite amused — and pleased — by the section about posture while seated at a table. So much so, that I’ve given all of my executive clients “Downton Abbey” homework to be used while they’re sitting in meetings. View full article »


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