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Too much forward tilt can cause a cranky low-back

75% of my clients experience occasional low-back tension

General low-back tension is quite common in our chair-loving culture.

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Maybe you’re still shopping for holiday gifts for family and friends. Or maybe you’ve moved on and you’re shopping for yourself now. Here’s a list of the next 8 fitness toys you neeeeed:

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magic-circle-stretchJoseph Pilates’ Magic Circle — sometimes called a power ring or fitness circle —  can be used as a handy prop to stretch your hips and legs. To get the best results, do this series of stretches in the order I’ve listed below.

Before you start the sequence, assess your body mechanics by sitting on the floor with your legs extended forward. Is it difficult to sit tall? Is one leg acting like it’s longer or more turned out?

Set up for the stretch sequence by lying on your back with your legs extended long. Use your hands to hold the circle and place the ball of your left foot on an inside handle. Do all of the stretches on your left leg and hip, re-assess in the seated position, switch legs, and then re-assess. View full article »

You know that I read like a fiend, right? The National Institutes of Health study postings, the New York Times, bloggers from around the world and tons of books about various body parts and how they work. Apparently, Kinesiology 1, 2, 3, 4, et al was not enough for me.  Since my clients often ask for recommendations, I’ve got a list of titles that fit the many of the topics of concern that they bring up. Here are the Top 10 that keep floating to the top of the pile:

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QAQ: Are there different types of Pilates classes?  I just took a session in Kansas City and it was really different than Pilates in Los Angeles.

 A: Yes! There are almost as many different styles of Pilates as there are teachers.  In general, there are three main categories or styles:


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This one is for my traveling peeps who need some spine movement. Create space between those vertebrae. Yes, Pilates moves like this can help you maintain your height!

drawbridge series
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