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Happy Summer 2017!

Registration for Group Pilates Equipment classes is HOPPIN’ so I put together a listing for my peeps to be able to see where there are still some open slots. The semester begins June 26th — grab ’em quick! View full article »

Homework Sequence 1

This one is for my Group Pilates Equipment Classes. Please do these 4 moves everyday — they should take you 5 minutes, 4 seconds in total.pilates-essentials-homework-1-1

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Too much forward tilt can cause a cranky low-back

75% of my clients experience occasional low-back tension

General low-back tension is quite common in our chair-loving culture.

What’s the connection between low-back tension and sitting in a chair? View full article »

homework 2

New homework for my Summer Term students. We’re working on the Classical Order for Mat exercises. Here’s the list: View full article »

Morgan’s Pilates Homework

Can I just say: requesting a homework sequence for when you’re out of town is a good way to get on my “favorite client” list! Morgan is hitting  the road for 3 weeks, and wants to maintain strength and flexibility with a quick daily Pilates fix. If you’re planning a trip this summer, this series might be just the ticket for you too.

Morgan's Homework

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As promised to my ongoing Pilates students, here is a pictorial of Joe Pilates’ famous Relaxor Bed exercises. You can see Joe in photo 23! We worked on these in class last week; take a shot at doing 5 reps of each exercise for homework this week.

Pilates Relaxor Bed exercises

Courtesy of Springfield College, Babson Library, Archives and Special Collections

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Homework: Boomerang


This exercise is for my ongoing Multi-level Group Equipment class peeps — homework for the week of Memorial Day, while the studio is closed!  Feel free to ask me for pointers in class, as this post isn’t meant to be a complete online tutorial.

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