This is the book that millions of women need to recover lost movement after breast cancer surgery.  

I can’t say enough good things about Pink Ribbon Program: Post-Operative Workout Enhancing Recovery.  It’s a simple, yet effective Pilates-based program that is changing lives around the world.

Breast Cancer surgery is invasive — it affects muscles, fascia, lymph nodes and your psyche.  Recovery is more than chemo and radiation.  Once you’re feeling a bit more energy, it can be quite a shock to find your range of motion and strength greatly diminished after surgery.  And this isn’t something breast cancer survivors can just shake off with time, they need a realistic recovery program that delivers a body that works similarly to before surgery.  

This is it.   This gentle Pilates program is what millions of women need  to regain their movement and step into a new life.  In 30 easy-to-follow pages — with large photos and simple instructions — Doreen walks survivors through four phases of recovering movement.  These are  exercises that you wouldn’t think to do on your own to regain your movement, but they work whether you’ve had  TRAM flap,  LAT flap, or implant reconstruction.  They also work whether you’ve just gotten the go-ahead from your doctor or you’ve had surgery years ago.

Of course, I’d always recommend working with a Pilates professional as your best course of action, but sometimes you’re just not up to it.  This little book could make all the difference in how you’re feeling about your body.   If you or someone you know has lost their range of motion due to breast cancer surgery, get this book today.

Recommended Reading for:

  • Breast Cancer Survivors, whether your surgery is recent or many years past
  • Pilates professionals
  • Lymphedema treatment specialists
  • Massage therapists
  • Nurses
  • Occupational therapists
  • Oncology advocates
  • Physical therapists

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