My brother Harry makes the best glogg on the planet

Dang, there are just so many opportunities to enjoy the holidays, aren’t there?  Peppermint mochas, Swedish meatballs, brownies, Christmas cookies, glog….  Yup, I’m Swedish and I love drinking some mulled holiday wine, called glog, at Christmas time.  As they say in Sweden, Skoal!  But all this indulging means a few extra calories, and that means….the Twelve Days of Mini-workouts.  Sneak in a workout, big or small, Every Chance You Get.   Yes, the small workouts add up, so I’m posting mini-workouts over the twelve days leading up to Christmas.  Pick something, get ‘er done and don’t obsess over that cookie 😉

Lean Leg Exercises – click the link to read these on

Romana Kryzaowska taught me this series on the spine corrector when I first began taking Pilates sessions from her 15 years ago.  These moves helped me “lean down” my muscular legs, and I am doing them every day leading up to our Maui vacation.  Yup, I’m looking forward to sporting a bikini in less than a month.