Romana performing shoulder bridge age 85

Welcome to Day 3 of the  Twelve Days of Mini-workouts.  When you’re busy this holiday season, sneak in a workout, big or small, Every Chance You Get — you’ll feel so much better.  Yes, the small workouts add up, so I’m posting mini-workouts over the twelve days leading up to Christmas.  Pick something, get ‘er done and don’t obsess over that cookie 😉

Pilates for Rotator Cuff Injuries

Whenever we’d ask Romana Kryzaowska what an exercise was good for, she’d say “the body!  this is good for your entire body!”  I think she simply wanted to get us thinking holistically, seeing the body as an integrated unit.  These moves are great for working on your shoulder mobility, as well as overall alignment, abs, back, arms….(yup, now you see what Romana was talking about.)