Jack and wife Elaine during his TV hey-day

Jack and wife Elaine during his TV hey-day

Totally dating myself here: I remember watching the Jack Lalanne show on TV when I was a kid! My mom had a Jack Lalanne workout book that I’d flip through during the show.  Everyone watched Joe in the ’60’s — he’s literally the man who started America’s love-hate affair with fitness. 

Jack in 1986

Jack opened the first fitness center in America in Oakland CA in the 1930’s. (Yup, people thought he was nuts. Who’d ever pay to do that?!)  He also launched the first TV fitness shows, encouraging housewives across the country to get up and try his “jumping routines.”

Jack factoids:

  • The Jumping Jack is named after Jack’s jumping routines on his TV show. This move was previously known as a “star jump.”
    • To be “Jacked Up,” as in having pumped up muscles, is to be like Jack Lalanne.
    • Fitness legend Denise Austin co-hosted Jack’s TV show in the early 80’s (jealous!)
    • To “jack a car” has nothing at all to do with Lalanne
    • Jack was a believer in the power of antioxidants. You can still get his juicer.

Jack Lalanne, passed away at age 96 in January 2011. One of my great regrets is not meeting him in person before he died. (I asked his publicist to pass my book along to Jack in the hopes that he’d write the foreword, but he wasn’t up to it)

BTW – Jack did his last workout the day before he passed away and he left instructions for everyone attending his eulogy to drop give him 50.

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