Like many people, I like to hit my personal “re-set” button in January. What’s working? What isn’t? What small changes can I make, that will make all the difference?  Here’s what’s up for me this month, using 2 primary tracking tools:




I’m using MyFitnessPal, which allows me to log-in my diet from my phone, ipad or computer. Pluses:

  • the app allows you to save meals and recipes so it’s easy to copy things from one day to the next
  • there’s a scanner option, if you’re eating something that comes from a package. Scan it, pick your portion size and you’re done
  • the app calculates how many calories to eat to meet my weight-loss goal. (ok, ok, I did put on a couple pounds over the holiday…)
  • it talks to my activity tracter, which is awesome-sauce. When I’m more active, it tells me when to eat more!  (Yes, you do want to eat more when your activity goes up – this protects your metabolism rate.)

This app works for me, but there are lots of similar apps and programs to choose from. Heck, I’m a fan of Weight Watchers — it works! I’d just avoid all the packaged foods they put out — too many chemicals in those. My point is: you gotta take a look at what you’re really eating from time to time. I was shocked, shocked I tell you, at the number of calories I was consuming for breakfast. (700!) It was easy to slice off 150 of those.


fitbit forceI asked for a Fitbit Force for Christmas. It’s awesome! Pluses:

  • you wear it like a watch, so it won’t fall off like the old Fitbit models
  • it tracks: steps taken, stairs climbed, distance traveled, calories burned active minutes, and hours slept
  • I like the sleep tracker – it tells you how often you’re waking up at night and gives you a clue how must restful sleep you’re actually getting
  • it holds a charge for about a week

Why would I want this? I want to take a look at my overall activity and see where it varies. Yesterday, I put in 15,000+ steps (yes, more food!) yet today, as I write this, I’m only at 719 so far. I may change some lifestyle choices on days when I’m not training, we’ll see. If you don’t know it’s broken, you can’t fix it, right?

Could you do this for less money? Sure thing – a basic pedometer costs about $10. Or you could go with a Nike Fuelband or a BodyBug, like the folks on Biggest Loser.