Yup, bad-ass athletes do Pilates

Yup, bad-ass athletes do Pilates

Think Pilates is just for chicks? No way, my friends! San Jose Sharks Defenseman Brent Burns uses his Stretch Reformer every dang day.  He credits Pilates with changing the way he moves, boosting his strength, coordination and agility. He calls his stretch Allegro reformer “an incredible athletic training tool.”

He makes this look easy, doesn't he? It's not...

He makes this look easy, doesn’t he? It’s not…

I’m stoked that we just added a stretch reformer to our arsenal at the Nike Pilates studios. The longer carriage and frame length make this the perfect reformer for folks who are larger than 6 feet tall.

Yup, we have lots of tall people floating around the Nike campus, where we train current and former pro athletes, as well as ‘regular folks.’  (Am I the only person who still says ‘folks?’)

Reality check: some exercises are harder for tall people. Exercise is physics happening in your body — it’s levers and pulleys and energy and mass, all in action. When a lever is longer — like, when your arm, leg or torso is longer — more work has to happen to manage the length of that lever.

Nike’s large Pilates studio, where we train groups of up 12 athletes at a time

If you’re on the tall side, Pilates training can help you learn the nuances of adjusting your body mechanics to help you train smarter and blast through performance speed bumps.