allegro2This is for my long-time clients who’ve been begging for a cheat sheet on spring settings for the reformers that we use at Nike’s WHQ – the Allegro 2.  Got a question on an exercise? Ask before or after the group reformer classes or set up a private session to get a workout tailored to your specific needs.

Exercise Type Spring Options
Arms straps: hug a tree, shaving, teardrops, boxing 1 Red Easier: 1 Blue
Leg Straps: frog, circles, frog circles, evil magic circle 1 Red + 1 Blue Easier: 1 Red + 1 Yellow
Leg Straps advanced: leaping stag, rockette legs/scissors, helicopter 1 Red + 1 Blue
Short Spine 1 Red + 1 Blue Harder: 1 Red + 1 Yellow Easier: 2 Red
Short Spine forward/backward 1 Red + 1 Yellow
Stretches:  cheerleader split, leg strap stretches, Mermaid 1 Red + 1 Blue Eve’s lunge option (1 foot off the the machine lunge) = 1 Red + 1 Yellow
Short Box: rollback, flatback, twists, tree 3 Red
Long Box: face down pulling straps, teaser & teaser prep 1 Red ok to add 1 yellow for teaser
Booty Straps: presses, bicycle, salad plate circles, big circles.  2 positions: neutral and turnout. 1 Red = heavier, do 5 reps.  1 Blue = lighter, do 8 reps.
Skinny Jeans/Standing Side Legs: press outs, chair sit to press out, plie to press out, etc 1 Blue 1 Red = more stable and less inner thigh

best price Pilates by Rael IsacowitzNeed some help on remembering exercise names? I recommend this book from Amazon – it’s economical and gives great instructions on the most common reformer exercises.