This one is for my ongoing clients who requested a quick Ab sequence they could do over the holiday season or while traveling.simple ab sequence


  • Golden Rule: If the arms/legs are moving, the torso stays still.
  • Bonus Points: scoop your navel toward your spine.
  • Demerits: jamming your low back into the mat.  Do I have to get my squirt gun?
  • Cranky Neck today? Leave your head down.
  • Cranky Low-back today? Aim your legs higher for the first 2 moves and then choose the ‘legs down’ version of criss-cross
  • Are you allowed to do more? Sure. Go in sets of 10 SLS-5DLS-10CC.
  • Can you add the “squishy ball?” Hellz yeah. Use your arms to stabilize, and corset your ribcage to place your back ribs on the mat. Don’t let them float around.

Coming Tomorrow: Simple Abs Part 2