Why break these moves off from Simple Abs Part 1? Straight Legs weigh more than bent legs and I wanted my peeps to keep that in mind. You know I love you, and I don’t want you to tweak your back when you’re working on your own.

simple ab sequence2


  • Golden Rule: you get to pick your range of motion, based on how your body feels right at this moment.
  • Reality Check: you’re working your abs, not your low-back. If you feel your low-back, don’t go so low with your leg.
  • Cranky Neck today? Leave your head down.
  • Bonus Points: scoop your navel toward your spine.
  • Demerits: jamming your low back into the mat.  Do I have to get my squirt gun?
  • What’s that thing I’m holding? A magic circle! It’s helping me turn on my inner thighs — the gateway to the lower abs. Don’t have one? Use a squishy ball or a rolled up towel. Or just press your legs together like you’re holding your credit card there.

Adding these to Part 1?  Here’s the “Classical Order:”

  1. Single Leg Stretch 10x
  2. Double Leg Stretch 5x
  3. Single Straight Leg 10x
  4. Double Straight Leg 5x
  5. Criss Cross 10x

Coming Tomorrow: Simple Abs Part 3