This one is for my traveling peeps who need some spine movement. Create space between those vertebrae. Yes, Pilates moves like this can help you maintain your height!

drawbridge series


  • Golden Rule: whenever you’re sitting, sit on your sit-bones, not on your tailbone.
  • Bonus Points: move 1 vertebrae at a time, or at least tiny sections of your spine.
  • Demerits: lifting up and down in one big chunk.  Do I have to get my squirt gun?
  • Cranky Neck today? Cradle your head in your hands on the way up & down.
  • Cranky Low-back today? Move slowly, use your hands to help you ‘climb’ up & down your legs.
  • How many?  Start with a round of 5 after your Classical Ab series. ok to add-on from there.


  • Can you add the “squishy ball?” Hellz yeah. Squeeze it between your knees to turn on those inner thighs. Don’t have one? Use the Power-Leg position: glue your legs together and keep ’em still.
  • Need more booty work? Lower & Lift the hips 5x in the bridge position.
  • Need more inner thigh work? Squeeze the squishy ball 5-10x in the bridge position.