Ohhhh, you’re so going to love this pre-Pilates Fascia Stretch routine. My friend Frank Zito posted it and I immediately knew all of my clients would love it. Rather than have me re-video it, take a look at Frank performing it here. Thanks, Frank, it’s yummy!



Do each move 3-5 times

  1. Supine Knee Flops: Grab table polls (or sturdy furniture) behind your head > Flop Knees side to side. OK for your back pocket zone to lift.  If it does, the soles of your feet should turn off of mat as well.
  1. Drawbridge: arms back, knees bent. Lift hips to bridge as hands come forward to hit the mat.  SCOOP to move each vertebra independently!  Be mindful of your foot connection.
  1. Advanced Drawbridge add-on: stay up in bridge, lift one leg at a time. Knees always stay level, which is harder than it sounds. (Skip this if you have a sensitive back.)
  1. Fancy Single Arm/Leg Reach: tuck into ball position > reach opposite arm & leg away from each other.  End with a “ball tuck”
  1. Upper Body Clamshell: Move to lying on your side, knees ½ tucked, hands at head, elbows forward. Roll your upper body back toward your mat, opening the elbow out.  OK for knees to lift, but it isn’t important that you come all the way to the mat. (this one was my favorite – who knew I had so much “stuck stuff” here?!)
  1. Clamshell Add-on: in the open position, reach 1 arm out and slide it like a snow angel (toward the hip, and then toward the head.) Try rolling the forearm and palm toward the mat & away from the mat, like you’re turning a doorknob.
  1. Cat/Cow: still use your SCOOP! Be nice to your neck.
  1. Bird Dog: opposite arm & leg reach out, parallel to the mat. Neck stays in line with your spine.
  1. Child’s stretch.


  • Anytime!
  • If you’re the type who wakes up “shrink-wrapped,” do this when you get up in the morning
  • If you’re the type who wakes up at night with aches & pains, do this before bed
  • Do it before your workout to increase your range of motion
  • Do it at the end of your workout as a great reward (today’s noon class declared that we were starting with dessert!)