Happy Friday and happy March MATness, the season of celebrating Joe’s mat exercises as depicted in his book “A Return to Life through Contrology.” On the 10th day, we sing about The Corkscrew, which is sister exercise to…..The One Leg Circle.

The Basics:

  • Start lying on your back with your legs lifted toward the sky.
  • Lift your hips up.
  • Circle those around in a clockwise motion and then circle them around in a counter-clockwise motion.

Yeah, I say that like it’s easy….it’s certainly not.

Pilates Magic Happening here:

  • Power Leg: I’m clicking my heels together and zipping my legs together to create one powerful leg. My butt is part of my legs, so yes, it’s active.
  • Super Hero Arms & Shoulders: can you see my arm muscles bulging a bit? I’m pressing them into the mat to help me stabilize my body.
  • 2-way reach: oh, it’s a little hard to find it visually here. My arms are pressing into the mat, and my legs are….pressing away from the mat. (brain exploding, right?!) My strong powerhouse is scooping away from my legs.  This is advanced Pilates thinking.

Teaching Tips:

  • Don’t start this exercise with the same range of motion that I’m depicting in the photos. No, no, no. When in doubt, always go with a smaller range of motion. Give your body a chance to tell you whether it likes this movement..or not. Smaller, in this case, means keep your hips on the mat.
  • Optional Add-on: did you use a magic circle between your legs for Rocker with Open Legs? Yep, keep it for Corkscrew as well.