This exercise is for my ongoing Multi-level Group Equipment class peeps — homework for the week of Memorial Day, while the studio is closed!  Feel free to ask me for pointers in class, as this post isn’t meant to be a complete online tutorial.

Do Boomerang when you’re already warmed up.


  • Sit Tall, and find your 2-way reach pressing your legs down and lengthening your spine up.
  • Rock your way back, reaching your feet for the floor behind you. Find your 2-way reach by pressing those arms down and reaching your legs loooong.
  • While you’re back there, reach your legs into a wide straddle and then cross the second leg on top.
  • Rock your way up to a Teaser position, fingers reaching for the toes. Create your 2-way reach on this one by using your abs to push your tush DOWN as you reach your legs and arms UP. We are Contrologists, so stop for one beat in this position to prove that you have control over momentum.
  • In Teaser position, push your arms out to the side. Move as if you’re pushing through water. When your arms are horizontal, begin floating your legs down to the mat with control. Finish the float down by pushing your arms behind you and bow your chest forward.
  • Reach your hands for your feet and fold as far as possible forward.
  • Sit tall and repeat the sequence 5 more times.


  • Initially, use momentum to allow your body to find all of the positions. As you continue to practice, slooooooow it down and find your control over the movements.
  • Don’t worry about reaching the floor with your toes or how far you can bow forward. lol – these photos of me are from….oh, 11 years ago. Guess what? I’m more flexible in my hips and spine now, but a bit tighter in my shoulders. All things change with time. right? Who knows what I’ll be like in another decade.