Can I just say: requesting a homework sequence for when you’re out of town is a good way to get on my “favorite client” list! Morgan is hitting  the road for 3 weeks, and wants to maintain strength and flexibility with a quick daily Pilates fix. If you’re planning a trip this summer, this series might be just the ticket for you too.

Morgan's Homework


  • 100
  • Single Leg Stretch (SLS)
  • Double Leg Stretch (DLS)
  • Single Straight Leg (SSL)
  • Double Straight Leg (DSL)
  • Criss Cross (C-C)
  • Single Leg Kick (SLK)
  • Double Leg Kick (DLK)


  • Neck/Shoulder/Ribcage opening – do the bent arm version, the arm/wing reach AND the straght arm version
  • Knee Flops: keep the arms back behind your head. (I couldn’t find a good photo of me in the 2nd position, so don’t copy me exactly in the photo)
  • Hip Flexor/Psoas stretch – do this one when you get off the plane, it will help a ton

Morgans stretchs