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Happy Summer 2017!

Registration for Group Pilates Equipment classes is HOPPIN’ so I put together a listing for my peeps to be able to see where there are still some open slots. The semester begins June 26th — grab ’em quick!

Day Time Level Status CRN
Monday Noon Essentials FULL 32671
Monday 4:15pm Essentials cancelled 32672
Monday 5:30pm Multi Level FULL 33330
Tuesday 9:15am Essentials FULL 32673
Tuesday 10:30am Multi Level FULL 33331
Tuesday 4:15pm Essentials cancelled 32675
Tuesday 5:30pm Multi Level FULL 33332
Wednesday Noon Essentials open spots! 32678
Wednesday 4:15pm Essentials open spots! 32680
Wednesday 5:30pm Multi Level FULL 33333
Thursday 9:15am Essentials open spots! 32684
Thursday 10:30am Multi Level FULL 33334
Thursday 4:15pm Essentials  cancelled 32685
Thursday 5:30pm Multi Level open spots! 33335
Friday 9:15am Essentials open spots! 33327
Friday 10:30am Multi Level FULL 33341
Saturday 8am Multi Level open spots! 33336
Saturday 9am Essentials FULL 33328
Saturday 10am Essentials open spots! 33329

How to register or change your classes: login to and go to class page. You can add or drop classes by typing in the CRN number.

*want to get into a FULL class? Try registering each day — people do change their schedules often this week & next week. You might luck out 🙂