homework 2

New homework for my Summer Term students. We’re working on the Classical Order for Mat exercises. Here’s the list:

  • 100 – do it everyday and it will get easier!  Your goal is: legs extended at an angle. Remember: your neck & low back comfort always win — adjust your position accordingly.
  • Roll-up – the photo shows me with bent legs. Your goal is: flat legs pressed into the mat. Illegal move: “throwing” your torso to get it upright. Use any modifications that I showed you in class.
  • Ball – I know, who’d think this would use the same muscles as a sit up or roll-up?!
  • Leg Circles – Your goal is: anchor leg pressed flat into your mat + no movement in your torso. Circle and STOP, circle and STOP.
  • Single Leg Stretch – aka “one leg stretch” https://ageless-pilates.com/2017/03/06/march-matness-2017-the-one-leg-stretch/
  • Double Leg Stretch – here are notes for the “vintage” version: https://ageless-pilates.com/2017/03/07/marchmatness-2017the-double-leg-stretch/
  • Single Leg Kick – your low back always wins. If it doesn’t like this position, slide your elbowss slightly forward.