#PilatesWhole30 Week 1

I’ve been promising my friends a down and dirty look at how I’m doing Whole 30, so here’s a peek at Week 1.

This is my first time doing W30, and I gave myself 10 days prior to get my head around: no sugar or sugar substitutes, no alcohol, no dairy (I gave this up about a year ago,) no legumes and no grains. I HIGHLY recommend giving yourself planning and shopping time BEFORE you start. Go get the Whole 30 book so you don’t have to stare endlessly at your computer. Their website is great, and has tons of free info too. I’ve included a few recipe links in my spreadsheet.

Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Day 1 Hamburger, mixed greens, olive oil, lemon Chicken salad with homemade mayo. Carrots & green beans. Headache at 3pm. Had a hard boiled egg & a handful of carrots. steak, mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, homemade chimichurri
Day 2 Breakfast casserole: eggs, sausage, mushrooms, spinach Chicken salad with homemade mayo. Carrots & green beans. small coffee 2 hamburgers, 2 carrot “buns”, chimichurri, salad with homemade ranch
Day 3 Breakfast casserole Chicken salad with homemade mayo. Carrots & green beans. steak, mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, chimichurri
Day 4 homemade pork sausage + salad Lunch out: burger on salad. Not. Enough. Food. 2nd Lunch:  Breakfast casserole almond chicken, roasted broccoli
Day 5 homemade turkey sausage patty, cauliflower egg casserole, carrot pancakes/buns 4pm I’m dragging.  carrots & guac burger, bacon, salad, ranch, avo
Day 6 burger, bacon, guac, carrots, string beans greens, 1 can tuna, 2 eggs, cherry tomato, string beans, olive oil, lemon, salt. Hungry at 4:30  1/4 cup pecans spiralized sweet potatoes, turkey sausage + apple, bacon, over easy eggs, sautéed spinach
Day 7 2-3 eggs scrambled, 4 bacon, asparagus Chicken salad with homemade mayo. Carrots & green beans. filet mignon, large baked white potato, ghee, salad, ranch, marinated mushrooms


  • My afternoon headaches and super-low energy used to have me drinking coffee at 3pm. If I eat enough at lunch, I don’t need that coffee — no more slump. Food energy, instead of coffee energy. I’m a little nervous that this won’t lead to changing my body fat percentage.
  • Sleep improved already! I’m still hoping for the elusive “I slept thru the night” by the end of W30.  This has been an issue for me for so long that I really want to understand WHY W30 improves sleep. Knowledge is power and I’m committed to improving my sleep patterns.
  • I broke a rule: weighed myself. I’m feeling much peppier and got excited about that. Haven’t lost a single pound. Still committed to the entire 30 days, but I think I should stay off the scale. Will have to put it away!


  • Anytime you cook something make extra! Seriously, you do not want to fabricate 21 W30 meals every week from scratch. Recycle, re-mix or just have the same dang meal again.
  • My chicken salad: buy the huge pack of pre-shredded chicken at Costco and mix it with mayo, pecans and apples. I could eat this every day for lunch. Let’s see how many times I do….
  • Buy an immersion blender. It makes mayo, ranch, etc super easy. I am NEVER buying mayo or ranch again — homemade is better!