Bonus TechniquesMany of my clients come to me simply wanting a smart workout – one that helps them build a body that works well, feels good and isn’t easily injured.  To do that, some folks do personal training with me while others take my Pilates reformer or Barre Fitness classes.  Over the years, I’ve incorporated more and more ‘bonus techniques’ in my classes – self-applied techniques that address common ‘pain patterns,’ issues that tend to pop up over the course of a lifetime.

Funny thing about those ‘bonus techniques’ – more and more clients began scheduling private sessions with me focused entirely on their aches and pains.  And many sent their friends to me as well. The bonus techniques that I snuck in during workouts became the reason that many people seek me out.

Some know that they have sciatica, plantar fasciitis or runner’s knee but haven’t been able to get relief. Others experience intermittent, undiagnosed pain in their neck, back or some other area. Some come with vague labels like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or simply ‘mystery neurological shut-down.” Who knew that there are so many people making their way through their day while they’re tolerating pain?  My specialty has become helping people decipher and turn off their pain.

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Now, I love working with my private clients, but I also love helping as many people as possible.  That’s how the Pain Free Body workshops came about.  Some pain patterns are so common that I can spot them on people when they’re waiting in line at Starbucks. Forty percent of my clients carry their tension in their neck & shoulders, forty percent carry their tension in their hips & low back — I’m in this category, I always say “I’m the original tight-ass,” — and a lucky 20% carry tension in both areas.  To that end, my most popular workshop formats are:

Since Portland is an athletic town and I spend quite a bit of time at Nike’s World Headquarters, I also offer athlete-focused workshops like:


Your session is all about your body, not anyone else’s body! You tell me where it hurts or show me where you’re feeling restricted. We do some simple assessments and then I teach you Pain Free Body techniques to address your pain patterns. We might incorporate orthopedic releases, yoga-style stretches or muscle release ball and soft foam roller techniques.

You’ll feel improvement right away, but expect to do homework!  Many of the techniques that I’ll teach you tap into your Central Nervous System, the part of your brain that tells your body how to move. You’re essentially teaching your brain and your body how to move without causing pain. Cool, huh? Since you’ve probably been moving within a pain pattern for a while – years, maybe – you can expect to need some repetition on re-wiring your system. But living pain free is worth the effort, and it shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes per day.

Many people come in to see me just once, and they’re good to go with homework on their own. Some do a string of three or five sessions to be sure they’re doing the techniques correctly. Some come back later when they realize they’d like to tackle other pain patterns that were hiding in the background.

Private sessions are available at the Nike Fitness Center. You must be a member to book a session.


Workshops cover a pre-set series of techniques that work well for a specific audience. Similar to a private session, we’ll incorporate orthopedic releases, yoga-style stretches and muscle release ball and soft foam roller techniques.

If you have pain in your arms, neck, shoulders or hands the Neck & Shoulder workshop is for you. If you have pain in your hips, back or feet, the Low Back workshop is for you. If you’re an athlete working out with nagging pain, or trying to avoid sports injuries, try the Runner or CrossFit workshops. Not sure where to start? Try the Full Body Stress Relief workshop. Have a specific issue that you’d like me to cover in one of the workshops? Email me to let me know what’s going on – I may be able to incorporate some moves just for you.

I provide all of the equipment that we use in private sessions & workshops. If you’d like to take any of the equipment home, you can purchase it from me at the workshop. Individual items run $15 – $40; complete packages run $100 – $125. Please bring your checkbook, credit card or cash to the workshop so that you can take items home with you.


Would you like to host a Pain Free Body or Pain Free Athlete workshop at your facility? I provide marketing copy, equipment and handouts, you provide the space, yoga mats and marketing to your members. Email me for more information. Please include any ideas you have about what might be a good fit for the population at your facility.


Suggested topics:

  • Pain Free at the Office
  • Pain Free Hands & Arms
  • Pain Free Feet

Nike teams can book workshops at the Fitness Centers, at department locations or on-location at department meetings. Other Portland Oregon area companies, teams, yoga/Pilates studios can book on-location workshops for as little as $150/hour.

Email me for details