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As promised to my ongoing Pilates students, here is a pictorial of Joe Pilates’ famous Relaxor Bed exercises. You can see Joe in photo 23! We worked on these in class last week; take a shot at doing 5 reps of each exercise for homework this week.

Pilates Relaxor Bed exercises

Courtesy of Springfield College, Babson Library, Archives and Special Collections

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Ohhhh, you’re so going to love this pre-Pilates Fascia Stretch routine. My friend Frank Zito posted it and I immediately knew all of my clients would love it. Rather than have me re-video it, take a look at Frank performing it here. Thanks, Frank, it’s yummy!


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You know that I read like a fiend, right? The National Institutes of Health study postings, the New York Times, bloggers from around the world and tons of books about various body parts and how they work. Apparently, Kinesiology 1, 2, 3, 4, et al was not enough for me.  Since my clients often ask for recommendations, I’ve got a list of titles that fit the many of the topics of concern that they bring up. Here are the Top 10 that keep floating to the top of the pile:

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This one is for my traveling peeps who need some spine movement. Create space between those vertebrae. Yes, Pilates moves like this can help you maintain your height!

drawbridge series
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Why break these moves off from Simple Abs Part 1? Straight Legs weigh more than bent legs and I wanted my peeps to keep that in mind. You know I love you, and I don’t want you to tweak your back when you’re working on your own.

simple ab sequence2

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