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Homework: Mermaid Spiral

This one is for my clients who are on holiday hiatus!  If Mermaid on the reformer is one of your favorite Pilates stretches, you’re going to love Mermaid Spiral on the mat. Continue reading


This one is for my Group Pilates Equipment Classes. Please do these 4 moves everyday — they should take you 5 minutes, 4 seconds in total.pilates-essentials-homework-1-1

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St. Louis Cardinals player Carson Kelly, kicking it on the wunda chair. Massive core strength, balance and fluidity.

Funny thing about Pilates: some folks think it’s just for women who want to look skinny. Ohhhhhhh, not so!  Although many people use Joe’s system to build an aesthetically sleek body, tons of athletes use his system as a secret weapon for their sport. Continue reading


Since the final season of Downton Abbey just started airing here in the States, I’m reminded of a post from last year — the one about the fab posture that we see from that era, at least among the aristocracy. No leaning forward, no schlumping backward. It’s as if the Pilates police are somewhere in the background….


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