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AssessingThe Body

Many Pilates teachers are talented in assessing standing posture, but what happens when the body becomes dynamic and movement happens? In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the basics of assessing the body in motion. Walk away knowing how to:

  • See the body and as a spiral structure in three dimensions.
  • Identify fascial restrictions that cause structural imbalances and the compensatory patterns that follow.
  • Assess stability vs. mobility using the Masses and Spaces Model.
  • Cue the bones and use hands-on techniques for enhanced kinesthetic awareness and more efficient movement.

michael feldmanPresented by: Michael Feldman

Michael’s 25+ years as a hands-on therapist and movement teacher have culminated into a blend of out-of-the-box thinking to resolve chronic pain and restore comfort to his clients. His formal education at the Rolf Institute taught him that the body is in a constant state of adaptation and that the stress of daily living can compromise that essential function. Standing by this philosophy and utilizing knowledge from other trainings including in-depth Pilates and yoga, motor control, Cross Fit, cranial sacral, MELT Method, and a host of other somatic based methods, Michael’s success rate at treating difficult to diagnose problems is very high.




  • When: Saturday June 24 Noon – 3pm
  • Where: Effortless Movement Pilates studio 1300 NW Northrup Street, Portland Oregon 97209
  • Cost: $150
  • Private Sessions with Michael available 3-5pm $100/hour
  • Private Pilates Pro Sessions with Christine available 3-5pm $75 – $90 single/duet.
  • Reserve your spot by emailing (she’ll send you a Square invoice)

Ohhhh, you’re so going to love this pre-Pilates Fascia Stretch routine. My friend Frank Zito posted it and I immediately knew all of my clients would love it. Rather than have me re-video it, take a look at Frank performing it here. Thanks, Frank, it’s yummy!


Continue reading

Homework: Mermaid Spiral

This one is for my clients who are on holiday hiatus!  If Mermaid on the reformer is one of your favorite Pilates stretches, you’re going to love Mermaid Spiral on the mat. Continue reading


St. Louis Cardinals player Carson Kelly, kicking it on the wunda chair. Massive core strength, balance and fluidity.

Funny thing about Pilates: some folks think it’s just for women who want to look skinny. Ohhhhhhh, not so!  Although many people use Joe’s system to build an aesthetically sleek body, tons of athletes use his system as a secret weapon for their sport. Continue reading

Hot_Cold Therapy2A few years back, I sprained my wrist in a motorcycle training course. That’s as bad-ass as I can make the experience sound, and I should probably leave out the part about it really being a scooter… Accidents happen, right?

And the aftermath happens too. After the wrist cast came off, I experienced vascular compression.  Continue reading

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