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homework 2

New homework for my Summer Term students. We’re working on the Classical Order for Mat exercises. Here’s the list: View full article »


new 1-2-3 (2)

Happy Summer 2017!

Registration for Group Pilates Equipment classes is HOPPIN’ so I put together a listing for my peeps to be able to see where there are still some open slots. The semester begins June 26th — grab ’em quick! View full article »

Morgan’s Pilates Homework

Can I just say: requesting a homework sequence for when you’re out of town is a good way to get on my “favorite client” list! Morgan is hitting  the road for 3 weeks, and wants to maintain strength and flexibility with a quick daily Pilates fix. If you’re planning a trip this summer, this series might be just the ticket for you too.

Morgan's Homework

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Homework: Boomerang


This exercise is for my ongoing Multi-level Group Equipment class peeps — homework for the week of Memorial Day, while the studio is closed!  Feel free to ask me for pointers in class, as this post isn’t meant to be a complete online tutorial.

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This month, I’m joining Pilates enthusiasts around the world in celebrating Joe Pilates’ mat exercises as he discussed them in his groundbreaking book “Return to Life through Contrology”— we call it March MATness. On March 24th, we’re all posting the  exercises Leg Pull Front and Leg Pull Back.

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