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This workshop features my Top 20 Hip & Knee Techniques:  assessments, releases and structural re-alignment protocols that target and reduce the most common pain patterns in hips, low-back, knees and feet.  Yep, those body parts all connected — you’d be surprised how often fixing someone’s foot mechanics also fixes their hip issues. These 20 techniques help the highest percentage of people who come to me for guidance in getting out of chronic pain. You might have a special situation. In that case, I encourage you to come see me for a one-on-one session.

Using muscle release balls and specialized soft foam rollers, we’ll release trigger points, tight connective tissue and muscles, allowing you to feel and function better right away. All equipment is provided at the workshop and can be purchased for home use. Find an upcoming Workshop

This workshop is for you if:  you experience frequent twinges in your knees or hips OR your walking/running/cycling gait seems to cause pain. Those with disc issues, osteopenia, osteoporosis or in recovery from cancer treatment should schedule a private session.


PFB sessions and workshops are very different than physical therapy, chiropractic or massage therapy sessions — you’ll perform all of the techniques on your own body, giving you complete control over the intensity of each technique.

Your body is comprised of a set of layers, which includes skin, fascia, muscles and bones. The Pain Free Body method uses a series of techniques that works with each of those layers, removing tension and pain patterns. Early techniques prepare your body go deeper, but only when needed. As you unwind tension at its source, your bones may realign themselves, without requiring any outside manipulation.

Many of my clients find that they can get relief using only gentle techniques. Those who need deep tissue techniques often find that prepping the body using PFB tools makes all the difference.

None of the techniques cause pain during or after the session. In fact, you’ll likely discover techniques that immediately relieve nagging pain patterns .

Need an exercise to ease your low-back right now?  Try toe taps.


If you’ve experienced an accident or a sport injury, or if you’ve been diagnosed with a congenital issue, please do get checked out by a medical professional before attending this workshop. It’s always best to come to the workshop with a diagnosis, so we know what you’re working with. Nike WHQ folk: the Sport Med team over at the Bo should be your first stop. They may be able to take care of you at that facility, or they may refer you to a local provider with experience in your particular situation.

Those with ongoing conditions like: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, Parkinson’s Disease or any type of arthritis are welcome. Please use your own judgement on what might be too much for you – it’s always ok to watch and save a technique for a later date.

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Can’t make it to my in-person workshops? I hear ya! The video version is coming in 2016.   Email Me to get a notification when this workshop becomes available.


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