Low Back May 2015bwThe Pain Free Body Low Back pain workshop features assessments, releases and structural realignment techniques that turn off pain patterns in your low back, hips and legs.  Using  muscle release balls and specialized soft foam rollers, we’ll release trigger points, tight connective tissue and muscles, allowing you to return optimal pain-free alignment. Each workshop includes handouts for home use. All equipment is provided at the workshop and can be purchased for home use. Find a Workshop

If you carry tension in your low back, buttocks, legs or feet — this workshop is for you! Those with disc issues, osteopenia, osteoporosis or in recovery from cancer treatment should schedule a private session.  Find an appointment with me here.  


Sensitive tissues respond well to gentle techniques using the soft foam roller

Sensitive tissues respond well to gentle techniques using the soft foam roller


Your body is comprised of a set of layers, which includes skin, fascia, muscles and bones. Sometimes, in an effort to relieve pain, we get a little heavy handed in release techniques. (Ever had someone readjust your back, only to find that it caused more pain?) The Pain Free Body method is different. We’ll work with the least invasive methods first, adding on techniques that go deeper as needed. Many of my clients find that they can get relief using only gentle techniques. Those who need deep tissue techniques often find that prepping the body using PFB tools makes all the difference.

Need an exercise to ease your low-back right now?  Try toe taps.

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Pain Free Body sessions and workshops are very different than physical therapy, chiropractic or massage therapy sessions — you’ll perform all of the techniques on your own body, giving you complete control over the intensity of each technique. None of the techniques cause pain during or after the session. In fact, you’ll likely discover techniques that relieve nagging pain patterns immediately.


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