Training with pain is never a good idea. Self-care to shorten your recovery time can mean skipping sports-induced injuries.

Has training for running or walking events landed you with pain in your feet, knees, hips or low back? This workshop is for you!  Get more enjoyment out of your sport and out of events like Hood to Coast and Portland to Coast by learning Pain Free Athlete techniques.  This Injury Prevention workshop features specific exercises and release techniques that target and reduce common pain patterns experienced by runners and walkers. Find a Workshop


  • You’re inflexible and stretching doesn’t seem to help much
  • Recovery after an event takes several days
  • You have Plantar fasciitis
  • Your gait, swing or timing is “off”
  • You’ve been sidelined by runner’s knee
  • You get shin splints
  • Your hands or feet hurt
  • Any part of your leg or hip is painful to touch
  • You have a history of joint injuries

You can avoid injuries, improve your sport performance and quicken your recovery time by learning self-treatment techniques using specialized massage balls and rollers that don’t cause pain.



Top 10 Running Injuries



Your body is comprised of a set of layers, which includes skin, fascia, muscles and bones. Sometimes, in an effort to relieve pain, we get a little heavy handed in release techniques.  Ever had someone readjust your back, only to find that it caused more pain? Yeah, not so fun and not so effective. The Pain Free Body method is different  than physical therapy, chiropractic or massage therapy sessions — you’ll perform all of the techniques on your own body, giving you complete control over the intensity of each technique.We’ll work with the least invasive methods first, adding on techniques that go deeper as needed. Many of my clients find that they can get relief using only gentle techniques. None of the techniques cause pain during or after the session. In fact, you’ll likely discover techniques that relieve nagging pain patterns immediately. Those who need deep tissue techniques often find that prepping the body using PFB tools makes all the difference.


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