Is your workout making you feel muscle-bound?

Is your workout making you feel muscle-bound?

This workshop gives you tools to increase your range of motion and re-set your ability to move easily. Learn self-care techniques using soft foam rollers, muscle release balls and stretches. Improve the way you look, feel and function as we address the Top 10 areas of the body where athletes typically lose their mobility and flexibility. Workshop includes handouts.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You’ve been working hard and you’ve seen huge results, but… you’re starting to feel like you’re becoming muscle-bound
  • Your arm doesn’t lift as high as it used to, or it hurts if you raise it too high
  • Your hips don’t allow you to squat low, or you feel unstable in a squatting position
  • Your back seizes up when you change positions, or you feel stiff rather than fluid when changing positions

These are all signs that you’re losing mobility and flexibility. If left unchecked, each of these small losses in mobility will effect your ability to progress in your workouts. They can even add-up to a training-induced injury.

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Pain Free Body sessions and workshops are very different than physical therapy, chiropractic or massage therapy sessions — you’ll perform all of the techniques on your own body, giving you complete control over the intensity of each technique. None of the techniques cause pain during or after the session. In fact, you’ll likely discover techniques that relieve nagging pain patterns immediately. Many athletes who work with me see huge changes in their performance by adding 10 minutes of mobility & flexibility work per day.




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