The Effortless Movement studio features Pilates Reformers, Towers, Jumpboards, Magic Circles, Squishy balls and more!

We’re located at 1300 NW Northrup St, Portland Oregon, above the Bridgeport Brewery. Entry is ‘speakeasy style’ – this is a private building, so I’ll meet you at the front door and walk you up to the 3rd floor studio.

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How is Pilates Training different than other exercise methods?

All Pilates exercises focus on strengthening your core while decompressing your spine. This creates strength + less pain. Yet, I won’t ask you to do endless crunches.

Pilates uses eccentric contraction, the opposite of a bodybuilder’s flexion-based exercise. Make no mistake, you’ll build muscle mass. But it will be longer, leaner, flatter and more functional than those built using other exercise systems.

All Pilates exercises involve your entire system. “Chest expansion” looks like an arm exercise, yet it also builds balance. “Leg straps” looks like leg exercises, yet you’ll build a super strong torso at the same time.

Pilates focuses on quality of movement rather than quantity. You can expect results by doing 10 or fewer reps of each exercise. We’ll simply work on your body from every angle imaginable. And, you’ll have fun doing it.

Because Pilates is so functionality-based, it complements Chiropratic, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy and Osteopathic care. Each modality works well in tandem with Pilates training.

Start Here/Private Training Package

Maximize your success by getting individual attention throughout your sessions, without sharing me with other guests.  The 10-session Private Training Package is designed to amplify your success – every movement is all about you and your body’s needs.  It includes 10 Personalized Private sessions using the Reformer, Tower and Pilates Toys.

This Package is for people who:

  • Want to transform their body quickly
  • Have found that “group exercise” doesn’t provide the desired results
  • Are tired of “no pain/no gain” exercise plans
  • Need to “injury-proof” their body for an athletic endeavor
  • Manage life with a chronic or recurring condition: low back pain, a hip or knee replacement, arthritis or any of the conditions listed at the bottom of this page

10 1-person private training sessions: $700        

10 2- person private training sessions: $900

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So many times, I hear that my students have worked with another trainer who chose exercises that had no individualized purpose. Why were you spending time on a balance board when your knee hurts? What about that 20-minute plank – when are you going to use that skill in your real life?

You will always progress faster when training privately.

Have you ever done a workout for weeks on end and not really been sure that you got results? That’s not going to happen here.

Personalized sessions for 1-2 people can include:

Pain Free Body method: release techniques that stop pain patterns

Classical Pilates: the Pilates method using equipment, the way Joe Pilates taught it.

Contemporary Pilates: let’s have fun with some of the hundreds of exercises invented since Joe’s passing in 1967.

Post Rehab Pilates: techniques to help you bridge the gap after an injury, surgery, illness or physical therapy.  When doc’s say “you’ll take 6-12 weeks to heal,” they don’t usually mean you’ll feel 100%. I can help you get there!

Pilates Correctives: therapeutic exercises performed on a mat to re-set muscle imbalances. These are appropriate for home use as well. Choose a focus: Low Back, Upper Back/Shoulders or Pelvis and Hips.

Sport Injury Prevention: Pilates is the perfect form of cross-training to avoid injuries and boost your performance. Pain Free Body techniques add a secret weapon to keep you moving at peak performance. I have experience working with elite-level athletes in: football, running, track & field, baseball, hockey, golf, skeleton, cycling and more.

Got something special going on? I’m certified to work with folks managing the following conditions:

Achilles Tendonitis Low back pain
Ankle pain Low Bone Density
Arch Pain / Arch Strain Lumbar disk disease
Arthritis Lymph edema
Balance Issues Mid-back pain
Breast Cancer Multiple Sclerosis
Bulging Discs Neck pain
Bunions Nerve Impingments
Cancers of all types Neurological Conditions
Carpal tunnel syndrome Neuro-muscular disease
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Neuropathy
Compressed Discs Osteo-arthritis
Compression fracture Osteopenia
Degenerative disk disease Osteoporosis
Diastasis Recti Parkinson’s Disease
Disc Compression Plantar Fasciitis
Elbow pain Post- Stroke
Epicondylitis Post-natal
Fibromyalgia Pre & Post rehab: hip replacement
Foot pain Pre & Post rehab: knee replacement
Frozen Shoulder Pre & Post rehab: shoulder replacement
Gait issues Pre-natal
Golfer’s Elbow Rheumatoid Arthritis
Hand pain Sciatica
Herniate Discs Scoliosis
Hip Pain Shin Splints
Hip replacement Shoulder pain
Jaw pain Shoulder replacement
Joint Hypermobility Spinal stenosis
Knee Pain Spondylolisthesis
Knee replacement Tennis Elbow
Kyphosis Upper back pain

*I do refer some clients out to medical professionals or other complementary modalities that may be a better fit for getting you functional.

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Studio Assistant, Lola, greeting our guests