Frequently Asked Questions — particularly helpful when you’re new to Pilates training with me at the Nike WHQ campus.  For the full scoop, read more here

Where will meet? We have 2 Pilates studios at the main Fitness Center. All lunchtime training sessions take place in the Small Pilates studio which is visible as you walk up the stairs. Some morning and afternoon sessions take place in the Large Pilates studio – the same one that we use for the group machine classes.

How much time: each Passport training session is 60 minutes. For private training, you can book 60-minute, 45-minute or 30-minute sessions.

What to wear: yoga-style clothes work well. Part of the time, you’ll be on your back with your legs in the air. If you prefer shorts, a liner is a good idea! We don’t wear shoes on the machines, so training shoes aren’t necessary. Many Pilates junkies skip that weight and just keep a pair of flip-flops in their bag to wear between the locker room and the studio. Please wear socks while training.

How hard of a workout will this be: the 5 Passport training sessions build on each other. Many people feel new muscles after the first session, but most people don’t break a sweat in session #1. After sessions 2-5, you might need a shower, but your hair won’t get sweaty, like after a spin class. Once you’re learned the basics, an hour of Pilates training is about as challenging as an hour of weight training, and burns about 400 calories.

How long will it take for me to see changes in my body: I highly recommend shooting for 3 classes each week. Joseph Pilates is famous for saying “In 10 sessions, you’ll feel the difference. In 20 sessions you’ll see the difference. In 30, you’ll have an entirely new body” If you’re going for the new body, do those 30 sessions in 10 weeks. You’ll feel tremendous changes in your posture, flexibility, muscle mass and body awareness.

What does the Pilates Passport entitle me to? Completing your Passport training entitles you to free group machine classes – we have 20 each week! – plus, you can use the reformers in the large Pilates Studio on your own when classes are not in session.

How to schedule your Passport training sessions: you can see all of my current openings at a glance on this website.  To reserve your sessions, please log onto the Fitness Center online scheduler.  If you have any trouble with the system, you can always email me to reserve your sessions.  Note, duet or 2-on-1 Passport training is not available during the following time slots: Mon noon-2:15pm, Tue/Thur/Fri 11am-1:15pm, Wed 11am – 2:15pm.  1-on-1 training is ok at these times.

How much does it cost?

As of June 1st, 2013, the 5-session Pilates Passport package is $260 for one-on-one training or $200 per person for two-on-one training.  If you have an ongoing condition (low back or neck pain, a knee injury, scoliosis, etc) please schedule one-on-one training.  For ongoing conditions,  it may be appropriate to take a slower introductory pace with 10 sessions. Your trainer will be able to let you know in your first session if this is the case.

How to pay for your Passport training Package: please purchase your package before you check-in for your first session. You can either do this at the Fitness Center front desk or in our new online system.

How to check in for your sessions: please tell the Fitness Center Front Desk that you are “checking in for personal training” when they swipe your card. They will redeem your session in the system — it does take an extra minute or two, but this is how the system pays the trainers. If you don’t check in, I don’t get paid!

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a session? No problem! More than 24 hours: simply log into the online system, find your appointment and either cancel it or reschedule it. Less than 24 hours: please email me to let me know – I will override the system and cancel the session. If you have a Passport training buddy and must split up for a session, one of you must purchase an additional 1-on-1 training session. I only charge for “no-shows.” Yup, if you’re under the weather, but need to come in to work, you can still cancel your session. (No need to hide from me in the cafeteria.) I also understand that you’re at work and meetings run over or pop up at the last minute – just find a way to get me a message. You can email me at