•  Build long, lean overall body muscle tone

  • Improve your flexibility, posture and body mechanics

  • Boost your core strength, balance & body awareness

  • Achieve results faster than “mat class” by using the Pilates machines

Group Classes are 55 minutes with 3-8 people; each person has their own Reformer, Tower & Toys. Multi-level classes go at a faster rate and offer more advanced exercises; Essentials classes are open to beginners and ongoing students.


Portland Community College sponsors the best rate on Pilates Equipment classes. 

All PCC Group Pilates Equipment classes take place at: Effortless Movement Pilates, 1300 NW Northrup St., Portland, OR 97209

Spring term 2017 options:

Spring Term Classes run April 3 – June 16th,  2017. No classes May 29 – June 2 (the week of Memorial Day).

The term runs 10 weeks; 10 classes for $249($24.90/class) You are purchasing a specific day & time every week for the Spring term. Drop-in spaces may become available for experienced students, these are $30/class.  

Online Registration opens Wed March 8th  via Portland Community College. (use the CRN numbers below to register online)

Seniors (age 62 and over) qualify for a 50% discount thru PCC — details here.

How to Register: choose a day/time from the list below – you’ll need that CRN # for the next step. Click on the Portland Community College photo above to launch PCC registration system.

Day Time Level CRN
Monday Noon Essentials 26592
Monday 4:15pm Essentials 26597
Monday 5:30pm Multi Level 27291
Tuesday 9:15am Essentials 26598
Tuesday 10:30am Multi Level 27292
Tuesday Noon Athletic 27287
Tuesday 4:15pm Essentials 26599
Tuesday 5:30pm Multi Level 27293
Tuesday 6:30pm Multi Level 27294
Wednesday Noon Essentials 27282
Wednesday 4:15pm Essentials 27283
Wednesday 5:30pm Multi Level 27290
Thursday 9:15am Essentials 27284
Thursday 10:30am Multi Level 27295
Thursday Noon Athletic 27288
Thursday 4:15pm Essentials 27285
Thursday 5:30pm Multi Level 27296
Thursday 6:30pm Multi Level 27298
Friday 9:15am Essentials 27286
Friday 10:30am Multi Level 27299
Friday Noon Athletic 27289

Winter term 2017 options:

Winter Term Classes run Jan 9 – March 24,  2017. No classes Feb 13-17.

Drop-in spaces are available for experienced students: $30/class or 4/$100.


Winter Term 2017 Group Class Schedule: Pilates Reformer + Cadillac + Toys
Day Time Level CNR
Monday Noon Essentials  FULL/Waitlist available 16511
Monday 4:15pm Essentials 16512
Monday 5:30pm Mixed-Level  FULL/Waitlist available 16799
Tuesday 9:15am Essentials 16513
Tuesday 10:30am Mixed-Level 16800
Tuesday 5:30pm Mixed-Level 16801
Tuesday 6:30pm Mixed-Level 16802
Wednesday Noon Essentials 16515
Wednesday 4:15pm Essentials 16516
Wednesday 5:30pm Mixed-Level 16803
Thursday 9:15am Essentials 16517
Thursday 4:15pm Essentials 16518
Thursday 5:30pm Mixed-Level 16804
Thursday 6:30pm Mixed-Level 16805
Friday 9:15am Mixed-Level  FULL/Waitlist available 16806

Got a Chinook Book? Use coupon #301 from Portland Community College for $10 off of any Community Ed class — yup, that includes these Pilates classes. (yes, seniors can combine the coupon with the senior discount)chinook-book