•  Build long, lean overall body muscle tone

  • Improve your flexibility, posture and body mechanics

  • Boost your core strength, balance & body awareness

  • Achieve results faster than “mat class” by using the Pilates machines

Each semester, Portland Community College sponsors Group Pilates Equipment classes at my studio, Effortless Movement. Pilates Semesters are 10 weeks long and are “progressive,” meaning that the class content builds from week to week. New clients should plan to start in week 1 of the semester so that you can learn the basics that we’ll use throughout the term. You are purchasing a specific class day and time for each week in the semester. When space is available, I try to open up make-up sessions — look for the class spreadsheet at the studio to manage your make-ups.

Group Classes are 55 minutes with 4-8 people; each person has their own Reformer, Tower & Toys.


Summer term 2017: June 26 – Sept 9, 2017


Day Time Level CRN
Monday Noon Essentials 32671
Monday 4:15pm Essentials 32672
Monday 5:30pm Multi Level 33330
Tuesday 9:15am Essentials 32673
Tuesday 10:30am Multi Level 33331
Tuesday 4:15pm Essentials 32675
Tuesday 5:30pm Multi Level 33332
Wednesday Noon Essentials 32678
Wednesday 4:15pm Essentials 32680
Wednesday 5:30pm Multi Level 33333
Thursday 9:15am Essentials 32684
Thursday 10:30am Multi Level 33334
Thursday 4:15pm Essentials 32685
Thursday 5:30pm Multi Level 33335
Friday 9:15am Essentials 33327
Friday 10:30am Multi Level 33341
Saturday 8am Multi Level 33336
Saturday 9am Essentials 33328
Saturday 10am Essentials 33329

How to Register:

Choose a day/time from the list above – you’ll need that CRN # for the next step. Click on the Portland Community College photo above to launch PCC registration system, or go here:

How to choose the right class for you:

  • Essentials: choose this class if you are a beginner or you would appreciate a slower-paced class that focuses on core concepts rather than more advanced exercises.
  • Tip for Newbies: if you haven’t exercised in quite awhile, you may benefit from taking a few private sessions prior to the start of the Essentials series. Private sessions are all about you and whatever your body needs.
  • Mixed-Level: choose this class if you have experience using the Pilates Reformer and Cadillac/Tower AND you would like to work on more advanced exercises. Please do not choose this class if you do not have experience with Pilates machines.
  • Tip for Athletes: if you’re athletic and think you’d prefer the Mixed-Level class, sign up for a few private sessions before the term to get you accustomed to the equipment and language of Pilates.

Dates to keep in mind for Summer term:

  • May 31: Online Registration for Summer term opens. Popular class times will fill up the first week of registration.
  • June 26 – Sept 9: Summer Term classes run for 10 weeks. I take off 1 week in the middle for an annual family trip.
  • July 3-4: No classes
  • Aug 1 – Aug 8: No classes
  • Sept 4: No classes


  • Prices for your day/time choice range $199 – $249 based on the number of classes that occur in summer semester – some classes have 8 meetings this term; some have 10.
  • Seniors (age 62 and over) qualify for a 50% discount thru PCC — details here.
  • Drop-in spaces may become available for experienced students, these are $30/class. Plan on using the Class Spreadsheet at the studio to reserve these spots. (Drop-ins are not available for students who are new to the studio — you’ve gotta have my lingo down to be able to drop-in.)

All PCC Group Pilates Equipment classes take place at: Effortless Movement Pilates, 1300 NW Northrup St., Portland, OR 97209.