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German emergency services had to use a crane to lift an overweight woman out of her home in the western city of Bottrop Photo: ACTION PRESS / REX FEATURES

Let’s get the elephant out of the room right away. I’m not talking about orgasms here.  I’m talking about the other “O” word — the one that people don’t want to hear.  Obesity.  It costs Americans billions in dollars every year, yet we don’t to talk about it because it feels too judging.   

Somehow, we’ve come to think that the term obese refers to the guy on TV getting lifted out of his couch with a crane.  He is obese, or more correctly, he’s in a weight category labeled “super obese,” which refers to people with a Body Mass Index of 50+.   If you’ve ever heard the term “morbidly obese,” that refers to people with a BMI between 40 and 50.  Go figure – ‘morbid’ sounds worse than ‘super’ to me, but I’m apparently mistaken on that….

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Visualization techniques can turn off some muscle pain patterns

Have you ever wondered how professional athletes manage to perform at peak levels day after day? Yup, plenty of professional athletes have neck pain, just like regular people. Many use visualization techniques.

Before a 100 meter race, a gymnastics performance or even a football game, they sit down, close their eyes and see what they want to have happen, literally creating it in their mind’s eye.  This creates a muscle memory.  When they’re in the heat of the moment, their muscles repeat this same pattern, often creating amazing results.

You can use this same visualization technique to help eliminate neck pain caused by inefficient muscle patterning.

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When I meet new clients, I often ask, “where do you carry your tension?” 40% tell me their neck and shoulders bother them often, 40% mention their low-back and a lucky 20% of the population that I work with carries tension in both places.  Me, I’m the original tight ass — I need to stretch my hips every day of my life, or my low-back tells me about it.  But I digress, we’re talking about neck tension today. Continue reading

Notice what happens when my anchor leg is extended -- I cannot stretch nearly as far as when I place an anchor foot flat on the floor.

I have a secret.  I’m not naturally flexible.  Before taking up Pilates, I often couldn’t touch my toes.  For me, my tight hips restricted my movement more than my tight hamstrings.  Luckily, that’s all behind me, since I took up Pilates more than 15 years ago.  Smart Magic Circle stretches on a regular basis can help you move comfortably and gracefully, as well as protecting you from injury.  Continue reading

Farewell, Jack

It is a sad day in Mudville.  One of my idols, Jack Lalanne, passed away Sunday.  He is credited with inspiring millions to use body weight exercises at home to achieve fitness. His televised jumping routine became so popular that most in the united states now refer to the star jump as a ‘jumping jack.’ Lalanne  also encouraged everyone to eat as many vegetables & fruits as possible, long before chemical-free diets came in vogue. Miss you already, Jack.  

Some great clips of a great man:


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