No matter what your age, no matter what condition you’re in today, the Ageless Pilates book can help you move out of pain patterns and transform your body.  Say good-bye to the pain and discomfort that comes from misalignment, lost flexibility and lack of strength. You’re about to feel more energetic, mobile, and youthful in your very first lesson. 

23 Lessons  – Each 15-minute Lesson teaches you several versions of an exercise that you can do at home without any equipment.  You’ll use the ABC’s to pick the best movement for you today, with options for new choices tomorrow, next week, and next month.  Since Ageless Pilates is all about movement without pain, you’ll choose exercises based on how comfortable they make you feel.  

18 Workouts – As you work your way through the lessons, you’ll graduate to 30-minute Workouts that leave you feeling stronger and more confident.  With 18 workouts to choose from, this volume can help you build a body for the rest of your life.

500+ Photographs Whether you’re a visual learner, or you like lots of words to help you understand, you’ll find what you need in this volume.  The photos are large, and each lesson and workout is laid out visually, so that you can see it all in one place, without flippping back and forth.  This also makes it easy to photocopy a lesson or workout when you don’t want to carry a book.

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