pain free body wokshops

Tired of dealing with pain patterns? Join Christine Binnendyk at a Pain Free Body workshop to learn self-care techniques that will change the way your looks, feels and functions.  Click below for details on current workshops.

Pain Free Athlete: Injury Prevention for Runners & Walkers

Pain Free Athlete: Techniques for Improving Yoga & Pilates

Pain Free Athlete: Mobility & Flexibility

Pain Free Body: Hand & Wrist Focus

Pain Free Body: Foot Focus

Pain Free Body: Full-Body Stress Relief

Pain Free Body: Hips & Knees

Pain Free Body: Jaw, Face and Head Focus

Pain Free Body: Joint Decompression

Pain Free Body: Low Back

Pain Free Body: Neck & Shoulders

Pain Free Body: Trigger Points


Pain Free Body sessions and workshops are very different than physical therapy, chiropractic or massage therapy sessions — you’ll perform all of the techniques on your own body, giving you complete control over the intensity of each technique. None of the techniques cause pain during or after the session. In fact, you’ll likely discover techniques that relieve nagging pain patterns immediately.


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